About Us


I’m Morgan Bland, an undergraduate at Colorado State University majoring in Microbiology. After graduating CSU with a bachelors degree I plan to pursue my dream and receive a masters in forensic pathology. I have a passion for microbes and a hunger for knowledge. I joined the New Age Art Project because I have a deep respect for traditional artwork and newfound love for digital art. I spent most of my life in Broomfield, Colorado where my family frequently attended art festivals and shows, museums, and small galleries. From a young age I was immersed in art culture and now, living on my own in Fort Collins, I want to know more about the artistic community and the role technology plays in its development.


I’m Kaitlyn Ancell, a student studying Journalism and Media Communications at Colorado State University. I aspire to become a photojournalist with my degree, as well accomplish the cliché goal of traveling the world. I want to be enlightened by the world’s cultures and the people that bring them to life. I hope to write articles that touch people’s lives, or even just intrigue them for a moment. Technology’s influence on art in the present day directly effects my field of study due to the manipulation of photography found in almost every magazine manufactured. Photography has been an increasingly growing field with the growth of technology and social media. Understanding the way technology has impacted the quality of photographs, as well as the magazine industry, will provide me the skills and edge to succeed in my field of study.


I’m Haley Overby, an undergraduate at Colorado State University majoring in Education. I have always loved working with children at the elementary level and hope to work with children with special needs. I joined the New Age Art Project because I have always admired those with artistic talent and ability. I took several art classes in my time spent in high school; ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, among others. I have also taken art history courses at the university level. Art has always been something that I have had a passion for and learning about how the artistic community is evolving and ever changing is so interesting to me. Researching how technology is changing the art community in good ways and bad is truly beneficial towards my gaining understanding.

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I’m Pauline Freud, a psychology major attending Colorado State University. I am a second year junior aiming to graduate in the spring of 2017. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I will continue onto grad school so that I can be the next Dr. Freud with my own private practice in clinical psychology. I aspire to become an expert on mental disorders, such as depression and autism, so that I can help clients learn to cope better in everyday life. Although my major does not directly interact with the arts, I have always retained a fascination for the masterpieces other people are able to create. In high school, I took two years of higher level visual arts class. My experience working with art and researching artists ripened my appreciation for the craft, and now I avidly amass pictures on my computer with a current collection of over 1000 works. Due to my passion for art, I am excited to use this blog to explore its variations and impact in the evolving world.


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